PEC is an international technology supplier with a local presence in Europe (Belgium, Hungary and Germany), the United States, China and Japan. We offer solutions and expertise in Energy Storage Devices (Cell, Module and Battery) Testing Equipment, Cell Manufacturing Equipment and Cash Operations for Central Banks.
In our energy storage division, PEC employees are working on the technology and equipment for the development and manufacturing of tomorrow’s renewable energy sources.
At PEC, we believe innovation means more than just developing products and solutions. We’re working with our clients to create new processes, to help them successfully step up volumes, quality and performance. Although we will continue our search for automating manufacturing, testing and logistics processes by exploring and inventing new technologies, we’re also creating an environment where our employees can bring innovation to bear on every aspect of their jobs. And we are setting our sights beyond the borders of our industries by exploring new ways of working with an ecosystem of technology suppliers, business partners, universities and institutes. This innovation sets us and our customers apart from competition. Exactly what you would expect from us!
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